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  • JBL ProHaru Rapid 20 g.

    0 out of 5

    Instant adhesive gel for aquariums and terrariums
    •Bonds plants, corals and small decorations
    •Fixes moss, plants and coral pieces
    •Hardens instantly
    •Transparent colour

  • Microbe-Lift Plantscaper

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    Microbe-Lift Plantscaper
    50 gr.
    Perfect for attaching moss on rocks and driftwood
    Makes planting bunch plants a breeze
    Bonds within seconds
    Can even be used underwater
    Can be used for any plastics repairs

  • JBL silicon spray

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    Care spray for technical aquarium and garden pond items
    Cares for all movable parts and seals of technical articles in the aquarium and garden pond
    Spray on moving parts, seals and O-rings
    Water-neutral silicone grease spray
    Water clear, odourless, long-term adhesion, CFC-free, free of oils and ecotoxic substances
    Contents: 1 pressurised gas cylinder with 400 ml content and spray head attachment for a precise, fine stream

  • JBL Pro Haru Universal Adhesive 126 gr.

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    JBL Pro Haru Universal Adhesive:
    – strong bonding of glass, metal (aluminium, anodised aluminium), wood, plastic (except of PE and PP), mineral materials (stone, ceramics etc.)
    – after complete hardening, contains no substances toxic to fish or other organisms
    – permanently elastic after hardening
    – practically odourless