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  • Tropica Aquarium Soil

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    Aquarium Soil is used for planning a new aquarium. It is a complete bottom layer, which can be used without any other types of bottom layer – see how to use it here.

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  • PRODIBIO Bacter Kit Soil

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    Bacter Kit Soil is a kit to seed an aquarium soil.

    BacterKit Soil combines 2 different products for fresh aquarium aquarium:
    • Bacter Soil: strains of live bacteria specifically aimed at colonizing a freshwater aquarium soil.
    • Soil nutrients: Nutrients necessary for the proper development of bacteria in the soil

    Natural an living bacteria of BacterKit Soil will help to install an optimal biological filtration in the soil. It can be combined with Start Up which will install the biological filtration in the aquarium water.

  • Aqua-Art Shrimp Sand 1,8 kg. powder

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    1,8 kg./ powder
    Shrimp Sand is a scientifically developed substrate, created on the basis of natural volcanic soil. The unique technology of Shrimp Sand protects the health, safety and proper development of shrimp.


    Shrimp King Active Soil 4 L

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    Active substrate
    Shrimp King Active Soil

    The irregular shaped grains, with a diameter of 1-4 mm also give a natural appearance
    The dark black colouring provides excellent contrast with the vibrant colours of the shrimps
    Porous surface for the settlement of important cleansing bacteria
    Also extremely well suited to use with substrate filter systems
    Does not discolour water
    Promotes growth – bacteria, single-cell organisms, single-cell algae and other microorganisms – as valuable, natural nutrition, especially for young shrimps
    Excellent filter capacity for crystal-clear water
    Binds harmful substances for healthy living conditions
    Also ideal for all tropical fish and plant species that like soft, slightly acidic water
    Does not promote algae
    The use of ShrimpKing Bee Salt in combination with osmosis water extends the useful life of ShrimpKing Active Soil


    Prodibio AquaShrimp Powder 3 L./3 Kg.

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    AquaShrimp Powder is a mineral soil designed to facilitate the spawning of shrimps.

    AquaShrimp Powder Informations
    • Enriched soil especially designed for shrimp
    • The powder texture of AquaShrimp Powder will allow shrimp to lay juvenile shrimp and keep them at the surface of the substrate.
    • AquaShrimp Powder is porous enough to allow nitrifying bacteria to properly colonize the substrate and improve water quality
    • High temperature treatment (around 1200°C; 2192°F) gives its physical properties and allows it to be free of parasitic species which could contaminate the aquarium
    • AquaShrimp Powder is tested by an independent laboratory (microbiological, chemical, and radioactive tests)


    PRODIBIO Starter Box Shrimp

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    Complete solution to start and maintain a nano aquarium freshwater from 20 to 60 liters


    Starter Box is a kit that includes all the products to start and maintain a freshwater aquarium: Chloral RESET and a water conditioner that protects living organisms Aquarium (plants, fish, corals, live rock, useful bacteria to biofiltration …) by the action of chlorine compounds in drinking water, often damaging to their good fit in the aquarium. START UP START UP groups together in one package STOP AMMO START and START BIODIGEST. Quickly turn on the biological filtration of aquarium and then introduce a few hours the first fish. BACTERKIT SOIL is a specific kit for planting soil aquarium. It Contains: BACTER SOIL, consisting of several strains of live bacteria designed specifically for the colonization of the land for a new acquario.NUTRI SOIL: nutrients needed for good growth of bacteria AQUAGROWTH SOIL was chosen from among numerous compositions Prodibio minerals. Its balanced formula will allow the plants to grow in a healthy way and to develop strong roots. AQUASHRIMP SOIL is ready for use; It does not require rinsing. Each granule AQUAGROWTH SOIL, the size of 1-3 mm, is compact enough to not pulverize, while allowing plants to grow their roots properly. Moreover, AQUASGHRIMP SOIL is porous enough to allow nitrifying bacteria to colonize the substrate properly and improve water quality FRESH BIOCLEAN cleans the aquarium naturally, by attaching BIODIGEST (is composed of bacterial natural nitrifying, denitrifying and optional) and Biotrace brings all trace elements necessary for the life of the aquarium, for example selected aminated acids, enzymes, natural vitamins
    The practical bucket contains: 4 vials of Chloral Reset Start Up Nano 2 vials of 1 lot of Aquagrowth Soil 9-liter 6 vials Bacter Kit Soil 4 vials Bioclean Fresh Nano


    Aqua-Art Shrimp Sand 4 kg.

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    4 kg. / black
    Shrimp Sand is a scientifically developed substrate, created on the basis of natural volcanic soil. The unique technology of Shrimp Sand protects the health, safety and proper development of shrimp.