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  • MfS Hygieninsing floor cleaner 1L.

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    Hygieninsing floor cleaner
    Quick evaporating disinfectant cleaner for the floor, which guarantees an advanced disinfecting of treated surfaces. It contains the latest generation and wide spectrum disinfecting quaternary ammonium against viruses, bacteria and fungus. It is used diluted in water.

  • VsB Clean Eye Round Pads

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    Vet’s Best Clean Eye Round Pads
    Some dog breeds are more susceptible to tear stains. Eye discharge is often more noticeable in dogs with white coats, but regular use of Vet’s best Eye Cleansing Pads will help to reduce such tear staining. Eye Wipes


    MfS Enzymatic urine and stain remover 500 ml.

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    Enzymatic urine and stain remover
    500 ml.
    This is a spray that instantly eliminates any remaining smell that comes from urines of dogs, cats, rodents and ferrets. Its dual enzyme formula breaks up organic wastes and is very effective for removing any type of old or recent urine stains from any kind of surface and fabric. It does not stain, nor is it aggressive on the fabrics where it is applied.


    MENFORSAN Ear cleaner125 ml.

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    Natural cleaning solution to use frequently for hygiene and soft cleaning and doesn't cause problems to the external ear canal or the external ear of dogs and cats. Very gentle product with no alcohol in its composition and has a Physiological pH identical to that of an animal's skin. It contains keratolytic, ceralytic, emollient, cleaning, and hydrating ingredients that give the product excellent qualities for the cleanliness and care of the external ear canal for dogs and cats, it keeps them free from the accumulation of dirt, wax or secretions and it prevents infections. Very gentle product with no alcohol in its high tolerance composition. Physiological pH.

  • MfS Talcum odour eliminator shampoo 300 ml.

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    High quality shampoo with talcum fragrance that eliminates bad odours from the fur of all kinds of breeds,
    in addition to providing a fantastic note of talcum odour.
    The collagen in its formula revitalizes, moisturises and retrieves the healthy, natural looking fur.
    Due to the mild surfactants that this shampoo contains, it can be used frequently. Adapted pH.

  • MfS Foam shampoo with aloe vera

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    A perfumed foam with ALOE VERA specially designed for dogs and cats that cannot or should not bathe with water and shampoo, which could be: puppies after vaccination, sick animals and cats. It has an easy and incredibly simple application, it is also ideal when a partial cleaning is needed. The ALOE VERA provides shine, strength and protecting by penetrating to the skin layers and expelling bacteria and grease deposits that block pores. It is also an important regenerator of cells, scar remover, and skin toner. Quick and easy to apply.The ingredients in its formula take on the job of absorbing the excess grease, dirt and bad odours leaving the hair feeling soft, clean and perfumed immediately. Balanced Ph.


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    Special natural product to eliminate dry marks and sleepers on the exterior area of the eyes that are produced from tear duct secretions in dogs and cats. The daily use of the eye cleaner guarantees proper eye health and helps to eliminate the bothersome brownish stains on the edge of the eyes. It is applied to the external area of the eyes with a clean cloth or a cotton swab. The very gentle formula has no alcohol in its composition, and its physiological pH allows the product to be used frequently.

  • MfS BIOTIN SHAMPOO 300 ml.

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    BIOTIN SHAMPOO, 300 ml.
    High quality, unscented and perfume-free shampoo for dogs. It contains biotin that helps to strengthen thin and brittle fur, and it improves the quality of the structures of keratin by rebuilding and strengthening the capillary roots. It prevents dry skin problems and, adding shine to it, it prevents seborrheic dermatitis, which causes hair loss. The frequent use of this shampoo ensures some spectacular results. It can be used frequently and is recommended for all types of breeds of dogs. Adapted pH.


    VsB Clean Ear fingers pads

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    Clean Ear fingers pads
    x 50
    A dog’s ears are very sensitive, regardless of breed or size and must be cleaned very carefully. Regular use of Vet’s Best® Ear Relief Finger Wipes will help to safely & gently remove wax buildup, dirt and discharge which can cause odor. This specially designed product allows the pet owner to be guided by their own touch when cleaning their pet’s ears.

    GENTLY CLEANSES – Vet’s Best Ear Finger Wipes single-use finger wipes gently and effectively removes dirt and dissolves waxy build-up.
    SOOTHS & DEODORIZES – Regular use of our wipes will help to safely & gently remove build-up and discharge that can cause odor.
    NATURAL INGREDIENTS – Our wipes are free from Parabens and made with all-natural ingredients like Witch Hazel, Aloe Vera and Tea Tree Oil.
    FOR REGULAR USE – Use as needed until wipes are free of visible wax or build-up after use. Use 1-2 times weekly on a routine basis to maintain clean ears.
    EASY TO USE – Simply rub the accessible portion of your dog’s ears with our pre-moistened wipe and dispose after use.

  • MfS Anti-insects Spray for Dogs 250 ml.

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    Anti-insects Spray (margose, geraniol and lavandin oil)
    Spray with active repellents. MARGOSE, GERANIOL and LAVANDIN OIL repell infestations of parasitic and flying insects.
    Apply 1 or 2 a day at 20cm distance. Do not use in puppies less than 3 months or lactating females. Avoid eyes and mucous membranes.

  • MfS Anti-insects shampoo for dogs 300 ml.

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    Anti-insects shampoo with margose, geraniol and lavandin oil
    300 ml.
    High quality shampoo for dogs with active repellents. MARGOSE, GERANIOL and LAVANDIN OIL repell infestations of parasitic and flying insects.
    Wet the fur. Apply the shampoo avoiding the eyes, leave in for a while. Rinse, dry and brush. Adapted pH. Suitable for frequent use.

  • MfS Anti-insects foam shampoo 200 ml.

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    Anti-insects foam shampoo with margose, geraniol and lavandin oil
    200 ml.
    Cleans and deworms without water. Contains active cleansers and natural ingredients. MARGOSE is a natural insecticide for insects (fleas, ticks, lices and mites).
    GERANIOL and LAVANDIN OIL repell and prevent infestations of parasitic and flying insects.
    Part the fur, distribute the foam evenly, do it in sections and not all at once. Leave in for a while, clean with a dry cloth and brush