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  • Foam BioPlus 20ppi blue

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    Foam BioPlus 20ppi blue

  • Filter foam BioPlus 30 ppi

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    Filter foam BioPlus 30 ppi

  • Airlift filter aLift

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    Aquarium filter aLIFT is suitable for aquariums of up to 50 liters.
    It filters the water through the use of air which is supplied from an air pump.

  • Sicce Micron filter

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    For nano aquarium
    Efficient , quiet, compact
    Large surface area for filtering bacteria

    300 L/H, 5W
    42 x 48 x 135 (H) mm.

  • EHEIM Surface Skimmer skim 350

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    EHEIM skim 350 is a mobile, compact surface skimmer with pump for aquaria up to 350 litres. In almost any aquarium a film of including microorganisms, dust, oils and food fats forms over time – the mould film. With the EHEIM skim 350 surface skimmer, you can efficiently eliminate this mould film and have a glass clear water surface and high oxygenation. The EHEIM skim350, although designed for constant use is also suitable for short term use. If using alternately in several aquariums, please make sure that algae spores or diseases are not transmitted from one to the other. The bacteria and dirt particles which are sucked in are collected in the filter sponge. This should be simply taken out and thoroughly cleaned after each use.


    OASE Spiral brush

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    Spiral brush

  • OASE BioPlus 200

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    The innovative OASE BioPlus 200 corner filter is designed for compact mounting into the internal corner of aquariums and will process up to 200 Litres in salt water and fresh water aquaria.  The BioPlus has been designed by OASE Germany to be as convenient and simple to clean as possible.

  • OASE BioCompact 50

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    Effective internal filter, even in the smallest spaces (max. 50 l.)
    Optimal filtration:  For the BioCompact 50 active charcoal included in the scope of delivery can also be replaced with other filter media, the chamber can be filled as desired by the customer
    Max. 50 L., 240 L/H,
    85 x 51 x 116 cm.

  • Sicce Shark ADV600

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    The SHARK ADV is an exclusively designed internal filter with a patented magnetic quick uncoupling system (MCS System).
    Q-Max 600 l/h
    Voltage / Hertz 230-240v / 50hz
    Watt 8,2
    225 x 60 x 78 mm.

    39.95 27.96
  • Sicce Shark ADV400

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    The SHARK ADV is an exclusively designed internal filter with a patented magnetic quick uncoupling system (MCS System).
    Q-Max 400 l/h
    Voltage / Hertz 230-240v / 50hz
    Watt 6,5
    225 x 60 x 78 mm.

    29.95 20.97

    JBL ProCristal i30

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    For crystal clear & oxygen-rich water: internal filter for 10-40l aquariums with adjustable pump capacity up to 200 l/h
    Easy to install: attach suction cups to one side of the filter (both sides possible), press the filter to the desired position, position so that the water outlet is approx. 2 cm below the water surface
    Safe for small fish and shrimps: no sucking in thanks to fine-pored surface, water outlet rotatable in any position and adjustable to any capacity for each aquarium from 14 cm in height upwards
    TÜV tested, 4 years guarantee, energy saving (3.7 W), dimensions: (LxWxH) 7.6 x 4.1 x 12.0 cm. Extendable by filter modules
    Package contents: 1 ready-to-connect internal filter with filter sponge and activated carbon cartridge, air intake nozzle, 3 suction holders and 150 cm cable

  • IKOLA 600 MAXX External filter

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    Pump output: approx. 1400 l/h
    Pump height: 150 cm
    Filter volume: 6 L
    Hose sizes: pressure side and suction side: 16/22
    3 individually fillable filtering baskets
    Power consumption: 230V/240V 17 W
    Dimensions (WxDxH): 23x23x48 cm
    Guarantee: 2 years