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  • Oase Spiral Brush

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    Spiral Brush
    150 mm
    9/12 mm – 25/34 mm

  • Microbe-Lift Gel Filter

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    Microbe-Lift Gel Filter
    118 ml.
    Microbe-Lift Gel Filter will quickly attach to and populate all brands of filter cartridges and all styles of media including foam, floss, bio-balls, ceramic media, etc. This will help rapidly establish the necessary biological activity in your filter to stabilize your aquarium’s environment quickly. It will also help to restore the activity to your filter when you clean or change the media and when you replace your filter cartridge.

  • JBL silicon spray

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    Care spray for technical aquarium and garden pond items
    Cares for all movable parts and seals of technical articles in the aquarium and garden pond
    Spray on moving parts, seals and O-rings
    Water-neutral silicone grease spray
    Water clear, odourless, long-term adhesion, CFC-free, free of oils and ecotoxic substances
    Contents: 1 pressurised gas cylinder with 400 ml content and spray head attachment for a precise, fine stream