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    HIKARI TROPICAL Shrimp Cuisine 10 G.

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    Selected Special Ingredient For Shrimps
    A scientifically developed diet for all types of freshwater ornamental shrimps especially Caridina or Neocaridina species.


    Hikari Tropical Crab cuisine 50 g.

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    Ideal for Crustaceans

    A Scientific Diet For Hermit Crabs, Lobsters, Crawfish and Other Aquatic Scavengers.

  • Oase Organix Veggie Tabs

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    Oase Organix Veggie Tabs
    Oase Organix Veggie Tabs are a nutrient-rich staple food in tablet form.
    A nutrient-rich staple food, which is particularly suitable for predominantly herbivorous ornamental fish in freshwater and seawater tanks due to its high kelp (seaweed) content.
    150 ml. / 80 gr.
    250 ml. / 100 gr.
    550 ml. / 250 gr.

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  • HIKARI Mini Algae Wafers 22 G.

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    Mini Algae Wafers
    Sinking food
    A complete pet food for small algae eating fishes, including marine herbivores.
    Feed only the amount your fish will consume in two hours. Avoid over-feeding and always remove uneaten food.


    Organix Super Kelp Pellets

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    Organix Super Kelp Pellets
    130 ml. / 60 gr.
    Organix Super Kelp Pellets from Söll are a nutrient-rich staple food, which is particularly suitable for predominantly herbivorous ornamental fish in freshwater and seawater tanks due to its high kelp (seaweed) content. The food pellets are particularly suitable for fish from the middle to lower water zones, such as limnovorous (algae-eating) African cichlids, but also pure bottom dwellers. The balanced ratio of vital fats, proteins, amino acids, vitamins and trace elements of plant and animal origin prevents malnutrition. The result is agile, healthy and long-living fish.

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  • Dennerle Shrimp King Color 30 g.

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    Dennerle Shrimp King Color is a sinking, water-stable feeding granulate consisting of 100% natural ingredients. Colour-boosting effect for yellow-, orange- and red-coloured shrimps. Contains a high level of natural, colour-boosting carotenoids, such as astaxanthin, beta-carotene and lutein. Yellow, orange and red shrimps cannot develop the colours that give them their attractive bodily colouration themselves, and they have to take it in via their food. These colourings, called carotenoids, are primarily found in algae, flowers, fruits and leafy vegetables. Shrimps and crayfish turn carotenoids into their own colourings, especially astaxanthin, which forms a molecular bond with the protein beta crustacyanin. These molecular compounds are stored in special colour cells and give the shrimps their species-specific colouring. Shrimp King Color is especially suited to the following species: Red Fire, Sakura Red, Sakura Orange, Blue Pearls, Yellow Fire, Black Tiger Shrimps and Blue Tiger Shrimps.

  • OASE ORGANIX Snack Sticks

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    The healthy luxury with arctic shrimps. The optimum protein-fat ratio of the delicacies keeps the fish in top condition. The slow swelling behaviour of the sticks does not cloud the aquarium water. A pleasure for all aquarium inhabitants!

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  • OASE ORGANIX Daily Granulate

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    Organix Daily Granulate
    150 ml. / 80 gr.
    250 ml. / 120 gr.
    With Organix from OASE your aquarium inhabitants get a very special food of outstanding quality. Due to the combination of exquisite fresh fish from the unpolluted and nutrient-rich waters of Alaska, this staple food offers high-quality proteins, many unsaturated fatty acids, essential vitamins and much more. Organix are therefore an important basis for healthy growth, a strong immune system and iridescent colours of every ornamental fish.
    • Quality food with MSC label* for ornamental fish
    • Contains 100% fresh and natural ingredients, such as salmon, coal fish, shrimps, halibut, cod etc.
    • No use of fishmeal and fish by-products
    • Perfect ratio of protein to fat

    * Wild, traceable, sustainable: the blue fish label is only applied to wild fish or seafood from fisheries that have been certified to the MSC Fisheries Standard, a science-based set of requirements for sustainable fishing.

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    Dennerle Shrimp King 5in1

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    Dennerle Shrimp King 5in1 Shrimp food set 30 g. The set consists of 5 variants of premium shrimp food for a complete and healthy nutrition of your shrimps. Dennerle Shrimp King contains a composition and form of administration specially adapted to the natural dietary requirements of the shrimp. Supplies all essential nutrients and substances for growth, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and fibre. Exclusive use of nutritionally sensible and high-quality, food-grade ingredients. With 100% pure natural ingredients. Guaranteed to be free from artificial additives such as artificial colourings, antioxidants, preservatives or attractants. No fishmeal, fishery waste or cheap plant by-products as fillers

  • OASE ORGANIX Shrimp Veggie Granulate 150 ml

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    Shrimp Veggie Granulate
    150 ml / 80 gr.
    The sustainable superfood for herbivores: Natural ingredients in Organix Veggie Granules and Organix Veggie Flakes such as valuable kelp enabler species-appropriate feeding with a high proportion of valuable minerals and trace elements – following nature’s example. Perfect for daily feeding!


    Dennerle Nano feeding tongs

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    Nano feeding tongs

  • Dennerle Shrimp King Snow Pops 40 G.

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    Sinking food sticks made of 100% organic soy bran.
    For a healthy, balanced growth and plentiful reproduction.
    Feed approx. 5 mm stick per 20 shrimps