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  • Easy Life AlgExit

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    Clean water without algae
    Algae are produced when an aquarium is not well balanced. Causes of
    an unbalanced aquarium are the excessive feeding of fish, too many fish
    in an aquarium, excessive lighting or excessive fertilization. You also
    take them home when you purchase fish or plants!
    Add 10 ml per 100 litres once a week for four weeks. This period may be extended if algae still remain or if spores continue to germinate.

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  • EasyCarbo

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    EasyCarbo is an extremely powerful and effective carbon source for aquarium plants.

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  • Easy Life Blue Exit

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    Blue Exit is the new way of getting rid of blue-green algae (cyanobacteria)
    without using antibiotics or compounds which contain copper.
    Remove the adsorbent materials (such as active carbon).
    Shake before use.
    Dosage: 10 ml per 80 litres daily over the course of 5 consecutive days.
    The cyanobacteria disappears within 10 days after the last dose. As from the first dose, until 14 days later, do not replenish or change the water, nor make use of absorbents.
    As preventative: 10 ml per 80 litres weekly.

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  • Easy Life Bio-Exit Green

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    A biological imbalance can cause plants to grow poorly and leak sugars. These sugars can serve as food sources for unsightly algae (such as beard algae, filamentous algae, brush algae and brown algae). Bio-Exit Green restores this biological balance by countering the leakage of sugars in plants by offering a unique mix of specific organic acids and growth stimulators.

    When used correctly, it is not harmful to fish, plants, shrimps and other invertebrates.

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    Highest organic removal capacity
    Possesses enhanced capacity owing to its vast surface area; both spherical and macroreticular
    Helps control ammonia/nitrite/nitrate
    Color changes as it exhausts; easily regenerated

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  • Seachem Flourish Excel

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    Flourish Excel™ is a source of bioavailable organic carbon. All plants require a source of carbon. This is typically obtained from CO2, but, may also be derived from simple organic compounds (such as photosynthetic intermediates). The use of either CO2 injection or Flourish Excel™ does not necessarily negate the use of the other. Because the processes of producing photosynthetic intermediates and building onto them occur simultaneously, one can derive a substantial benefit with the use of Flourish Excel™ either alone or in conjunction with CO2

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