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  • Easy-Life Easystart

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    Easy-Life Easystart (Aquastart) contains highly active bacteria cultures which will quickly give aquariums and filters a boost. The unique bacteria carrier ensures an accelerated increase in useful bacteria, helping to combat the actions of harmful bacteria as well as cleaning the water of heavy metals and other chemical pollutants. The result of the application of Easy-Life Easystart (Aquastart) is a healthy aquarium with lively and brightly coloured fish.

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    Prodibio BioDigest

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    Living bacteria for biological filtration
    Composed of live bacterial strains
    Aquarium cleaning by waste matter digestion is helped by the presence of numerous different strains of heterotrophic bacteria
    Nitrates and phosphates are reduced
    Enables water to be effectively purified
    Prevents the spread of filamentous algae
    The best way to start biological filtration in your fresh or marine water aquarium
    Converts ammonia into nitrites – nitrites into nitrates – and – nitrates into nitrogen


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    New tank stabilization system for marine and freshwater
    Rapidly and safely establishes bio-filter
    Prevents “New Tank Syndrome”

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  • Prodibio Safe Travel

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    Reduce bacterial infections in the water used to transport fish
    • is a concentrated suspension of purifying bacteria for water transport
    • Bacteria developement optimised for water transport (oxygenation, temperature…)
    • The probiotic effect of Safe_Travel prevents the development of pathogens by depriving them of food

    When should Safe_Travel be used ?
    • When you move your freshwater or saltwater fish
    • One vial treats up to 10L (= a moving fish bag)

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    Natural organic waste management
    Rapidly and safely eliminates sludge and detritus
    Helps increase water clarity
    Marine and freshwater
    Pristine™ uses bio-augmentation, a non-chemical and natural method, to improve water quality. It provides bacteria that break down excess food, waste and detritus in freshwater and marine systems. It will also reduce excess nutrients (e.g. ammonia, nitrates, and nitrites) that may fuel the growth of nuisance and disease-causing organisms. Pristine™ increases water clarity and promotes overall better health for the aquatic environment.

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    PRODIBIO Start Up nano

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    START UP groups together in one package STOP AMMO START and START BIODIGEST. Quickly turn on the biological filtration of aquarium and then introduce a few hours the first fish.

  • PRODIBIO Bacter Kit Soil

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    Bacter Kit Soil is a kit to seed an aquarium soil.

    BacterKit Soil combines 2 different products for fresh aquarium aquarium:
    • Bacter Soil: strains of live bacteria specifically aimed at colonizing a freshwater aquarium soil.
    • Soil nutrients: Nutrients necessary for the proper development of bacteria in the soil

    Natural an living bacteria of BacterKit Soil will help to install an optimal biological filtration in the soil. It can be combined with Start Up which will install the biological filtration in the aquarium water.

  • PRODIBIO BioClean fresh nano

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    FRESH BIOCLEAN cleans the aquarium naturally, by attaching BIODIGEST (is composed of bacterial natural nitrifying, denitrifying and optional) and Biotrace brings all trace elements necessary for the life of the aquarium, for example selected aminated acids, enzymes, natural vitamins
    2 x BioDigest nano
    2 x BioTrace nano


    Prodibio Aqua’Betta

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    Aqua’Betta combines a water conditioner and bacteria in the same box in order to deliver the best water quality for your Bettas in cold water.
    Combines Bett’Activ et Aqua’Bacter
    • One 12 vials box treats up to 180 liters (6 water changes)

    • Bett’Activ:
    – adapts tap water
    – favours acclimatization of Bettas in their aquarium
    – contributes the well-being of Bettas

    • Aqua’Bacter:
    – composed of live bacterial strains adapted to cold water
    – ensures an optimal bilogical filtration
    – prevents the spread of filamentous algae
    – contributes to the degradation of fish waste in cold water aquarium
    – nitrates and nitrites (dangerous for Bettas) are reduced

  • Microbe-Lift Gel Filter

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    Microbe-Lift Gel Filter
    118 ml.
    Microbe-Lift Gel Filter will quickly attach to and populate all brands of filter cartridges and all styles of media including foam, floss, bio-balls, ceramic media, etc. This will help rapidly establish the necessary biological activity in your filter to stabilize your aquarium’s environment quickly. It will also help to restore the activity to your filter when you clean or change the media and when you replace your filter cartridge.

  • Oase BoostMix Clearwater Bacteria

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    Söll Aquarena / Aqua Clear
    100 gr.
    Söll Aquarena is a powdered microbial product and is used for the biological purification of aquarium water. It contains natural clear water bacteria in freeze-dried form. When dissolved in water, they break down harmful nitrogen compounds and phosphates and contribute to the cleansing of organically polluted water. In addition, mulm is broken down and the formation of toxic fermentation gases is prevented.
    Söll Aquarena is applied every two weeks or once a month, depending on the degree of load. The powder is carefully mixed with slightly warm aquarium water (26°C) in a separate vessel according to the recommended dosage. When there are no more lumps, the mixture can be added to the aquarium.
    After treating the tank with medication or anti-algae products, you should wait one week before using the water purifier, as those products may also have a sterilizing effect on the bacteria in the Söll Aquarena.

    For new equipment* 10 g per 100 litres of water (ca. 26°C)*
    For ongoing maintenance 5 g per 100 litres of water

    *Fish can be stocked after one week.

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  • Dennerle Aquarium Starter Rapid – 200ml

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    2-component bio-activator – Aquarium Starter Rapid

    •For a rapid and safe aquarium start

    •First fish can be added after just 24 hours

    •For rapid biological activation of filter material and substrate

    •Adds the biologically “correct” bacteria to the aquarium right at the start

    •Active mixture of selected live filter bacteria + bacteria booster

    •Prevents fish losses

    •Strengthens the self-cleaning power

    •For all freshwater aquaria

    •Excellent bio-compatibility for all aquarium inhabitants (fish, shrimps, crayfish, snails, etc.)

    Dennerle Aquarium Starter Rapid is a highly effective product for a rapid, safe start for newly established aquaria.