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  • Easy-Life Fluid Filter Medium

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    Easy-Life Fluid Filter Medium is the most versatile water treatment product on the market. It can be used to make water crystal clear. It is used for water preparation, as well as a maintenance product, a stimulator (e.g. for plant growth) and a prophylaxis (to prevent infections). Easy-Life Fluid Filter Medium effectively solves a wide range of freshwater and saltwater problems. Furthermore, it is made from 100% natural products and is extremely safe to use.

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  • Aqua art Shrimp Mineral 500 ml.

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    The product provides essential minerals, which are often
    lacking in soft water, to shrimp. It is recommended for all
    species of dwarf shrimp and especially for bee shrimp.
    It increases the general hardness (GH) of water without
    changing the carbonate hardness (KH) and pH. Ensuring an
    appropriate level of general hardness in a shrimp tank
    (at 5 German degrees or more) and a low carbonate
    hardness (2-4 German degrees) and pH of around 6.5
    provides optimal conditions for smooth moulting and
    growth of shrimp. It is not harmful to fish or other aquatic
    1ml (one press of the dispenser) of Shrimp Mineral for
    every 4 litres of water will increase the general hardness
    of water by about 2 German degrees.

  • eSHa Gastropex 10 ml.

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    Against all aquatic snails.
    GASTROPEX is a unique formula that effectively combats aquatic snails in freshwater aquaria. In addition, GASTROPEX clears cloudy water caused by bacterial blooms and combats 'hydra'. GASTROPEX is safe to use with freshwater tropical / cold water fish and plants and, unlike many other treatments, no water change is required after use. GASTROPEX can also be used as a preventive bath for new plants. This prevents snail colonization and the runaway growth of micro-organisms.

  • AQUAYER AlgoShock

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    AQUAYER AlgoShoсk against green filamentous algae and algal bloom. Desiged by Sergey Yermolayev. AQUAYER AlgoShock acts on those algae in the aquarium against which AQUAYER Algicide+CO2 insufficiently efficient. These two algaecides have the different mechanisms of action on the algae. If Algicide+CO2 is more efficient against red algae (Black beard algae, Staghorn) and xenococcus, the action of The AlgoShock is more focused on green filamentous algae and algal blooms (green water).

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  • Catappa-X

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    Catappa leaves are added to aquarium water because of the healing effect they have on fish and shrimps.
    Catappa-X is the effective, fluid variant of the leaves.

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    Seachem Safe 50 g.

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    Removes chlorine, chloramine, and ammonia
    Detoxifies nitrite and nitrate
    Highly concentrated
    Marine and freshwater
    Use 200 mg of Safe*trade; (included scoop) per each 200 L (50 US gallons) as needed to reduce chlorine
    and chloramine or per 50 L (13 US gallons) for ammonia.

  • Aqua art Hydro Mineral. RO 500 ml.

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    A mineralising product for fish and aquatic plants used to prepare (treat) water that has been previously filtered by a reverse osmosis filter.
    It enriches the water with minerals and macronutrients necessary for fish and plants, i.e: calcium,magnesium,sodium,potassium,chlorides, sulphates and carbonates.
    1 ml. / 4 L water

  • Ocean Nutrition Betta Spa 125 ml.

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    Available for the first time for the Betta hobbyist in an user-friendly format: wild almond leaf, and a lot more, in one easy formula. Clean, easy, complete and consistent. The wild almond leaf extract mimics natural condition for the Betta fish. Contains Yucca extract to bind ammonia (NH3) in the water. Contains Calcium to activate the muscles and to develop strong bones, teeth and scales. Produced only with natural ingredients. Recommended doses: 5ml per 8l of water for normal applications. Use with every water change. In case of severe stress, symptoms the concentration can be doubled.

  • AQUAYER Remineral 330 gr.

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    AQUAYER Remineral GH/KH+ – unique mixture of mineral salts creating optimal balance of calcium and magnesium in aquarium water. It makes carbonate buffer for pH stabilization and prevents dangerous pH drop to the values below 6. The product is necessary for remineralization of RO (reverse osmosis) water because plants require calcium and magnesium for growth. RO water does not contain calcium and magnesium. Remineral does not contain sodium and chloride.

    4g of the mixture increase GH/KH respectively for 3dH/2dH (German degree) in 50L of water
    8g of the mixture increase GH/KH respectively for 6dH/4dH (German degree) in 50L of water
    We recomend to use scales.
    1 teaspoon = 5g
    1 tablespoon = 12g

    Content: Ca – 17.7%, Mg – 5.5%

  • JBL Aquadur Malawi-Tanganjika

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    Aquadur Malawi-Tanganjika 250 gr.
    Mineral salt water conditioner to raise the hardness of Lake Malawi/Tanganyika aquariums

  • Easy Life Aquamaker

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    AquaMaker is a powerful, fast working water conditioner.

    It makes aggressive tap water immediately suitable for all freshwater and marine aquariums. AquaMaker can also be used in reef aquariums and garden ponds. It is absolutely safe for all fish, plants, corals, shrimps, snails and the biological filter.

    AquaMaker is very versatile:
    ◦Removes chlorine
    ◦Removes chloramine
    ◦Removes heavy metals like copper, zinc and lead
    ◦Binds and detoxifies poisonous ammonia
    ◦Binds and neutralizes toxic nitrite
    ◦Binds and neutralizes nitrate
    ◦Destresses fish
    ◦Protects the mucous membrane and gills of fish

    AquaMaker has no impact on the pH, KH or GH. Furthermore, AquaMaker will not overactivate skimmers.

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  • JBL OxyTabs

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    Oxygen tablets for freshwater aquariums
    For a healthy oxygen content in the aquarium water for freshwater fish and shrimps
    Ideal for fish transport lasting max. 8 hours
    Add tablet to the water. For 10 l water one tablet a week.
    NB! For fish transport lasting max. 8 hours