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  • Prodibio BioDigest

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    Living bacteria for biological filtration
    Composed of live bacterial strains
    Aquarium cleaning by waste matter digestion is helped by the presence of numerous different strains of heterotrophic bacteria
    Nitrates and phosphates are reduced
    Enables water to be effectively purified
    Prevents the spread of filamentous algae
    The best way to start biological filtration in your fresh or marine water aquarium
    Converts ammonia into nitrites – nitrites into nitrates – and – nitrates into nitrogen

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  • Red Mos. Larvae, bred frozen-blister, S/M 100 g.

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    Red Mos. Larvae, bred frozen-blister S/M, 100 g.

    1.95 0.95
  • Hikari First Bites 10 g.

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    Hikari First Bites is great for all types of fry (newborn fish).
    Feeding recommendation for Hikari First Bites:
    For optimum results feed daily as often as possible the amount your fish will consume within 2 to 3 minutes. Care should be taken to avoid feeding larger quantities of food less often as it can cause a lack of nutrition. For best results feed up to four times daily an amount of food which can be consumed within a minute.

  • Hikari Tropical Fancy Guppy

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    A Daily Diet For All Types Of Livebearers
    A Scientific Diet For All Types Of Livebearers, Especially Guppies, Platies, Swordtail & Mollies

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  • AQUAYER Udo Jermolajev MICRO+

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    Yermolayev`s Micro – daily fertilizer for aquatic plants containing iron and all the necessary trace elements for good color of the plants. Part of Yermolayev`s system of fertilizers for aquarium plants.

    The feature of Yermolayev`s MICRO+ formula is the mixture of chilates optimized by Sergey Yermolayev. The preparation of optimized chelates mixture for aquarium plants requires balanced quantity of different chelating agents. Chelating agents are necessary to be in such amount to avoid precipitation of iron and some trace elements. But it is important to avoid excess of the chelating agents because in this case they can limit availability of nutrients for plants. Yermolayev`s MICRO+ contains mixture of gluconate and DTPA as chelating agents. Gluconate is stable and easily biodegradable in aquaria. The function of DTPA is to maintain constant concentration of iron and some trace elements in aquarium water so they can be available for plants in any time.

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  • PA Tubifex frozen-blister, 100 g.

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    Tubifex, 100 g.

    2.45 1.25
  • PA Daphnia frozen-blister, 100 g.

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    Daphnia, 100 g.

    1.95 0.75

    PA Artemia frozen-blister 100 g.

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    Artemia, 100 g


    Easy-Life Ferro 500 ml.

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    Easy-Life Ferro is a strong and concentrated iron source for vibrant and healthy plants. The product not only contains iron(III) but supporting nutrients like potassium as well. Easy-Life Ferro is multiple stabilized and contains no nitrates or phosphates. Application: 10 ml Easy-Life Ferro per 100 litres of water raises the Fe-concentration with 0,50 ppm.

  • Easy-Life Fluid Filter Medium

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    Easy-Life Fluid Filter Medium is the most versatile water treatment product on the market. It can be used to make water crystal clear. It is used for water preparation, as well as a maintenance product, a stimulator (e.g. for plant growth) and a prophylaxis (to prevent infections). Easy-Life Fluid Filter Medium effectively solves a wide range of freshwater and saltwater problems. Furthermore, it is made from 100% natural products and is extremely safe to use.

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  • AN Daily Mousse with Rabbit 85 g.

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    Delicious complementary wet food for all cats
    Mousse with Rabbit:
    Meat and meat by-products (rabbit 4%), minerals, vegetable fibre extracts.
    Nutritional additives:
    Vitamin A (1100 IU), vitamin D3 (140 IU), vitamin E (10mg), taurine (410mg), copper sulphate pentahydrate (4.4mg) [copper 1.1mg].
    Technological additives:
    Cassia gum (3000mg).

  • AQUAYER KreVit 100mL

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    AQUAYER KreVit 100mL

    AQUAYER KreVit — the special fertilizer for mosses in aquarium. Does not contain copper. Safe for copper sensitive shrimps. KreVit makes good conditions for excellent growth of mosses underwater. Contain nitrogen, phosphor, potassium, iron and all necessary traces for moss growth.